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Technical Q&A » Recommended laptop specs » 3/06/2019 8:55 am

DuncanR wrote:

Campbell, welcome to the glasses-as-assets club ... unfortunately.  I understand your pain, I am looking for a pair of glasses with windscreen wipers .... solar powered.
If I understand you correctly, in normal mode the Getac sits down below and talks to the instruments (wired or wireless, does not matter unless the Mesa dies) and the Mesa on deck shows a Getac screen capture via RDP or whatever app you like,  Additionally however, if the Getac dies, the Mesa is loaded with a copy of Expedition which can be fired up and which gets and sends data to instruments?  Or are you running two entirely parallel boxes, both running Expedition separately?

Tardy reply - sorry.

I typically run Expedition on both machines set up identically with data Tx/Rx Exp data over UDP - the primary machine below connected to the instruments and set as a slave in Exp Settings so any calculated data in the Mesa2 is passed through the remote channels. Should the deck screen die it is easy to return the downstairs machine to primary and carry on.

I find the data is a lot faster and more reliable this way than using RDP or other screen mirroring solutions, and should the connection be dropped can easily be reconnected using Exp Network reconnect.

For some inshore racing I connect the Mesa2 directly to the instruments over WiFi saving the weight and power consumption of an extra machine below.

Technical Q&A » Uploading calibration setting to H5000 » 3/06/2019 8:41 am

eclipsemullet wrote:

Campbell_Field wrote:

You can download a backup of B&G over websocket to your PC, so yes.

OK.  And then edit it offline and upload, yes?

No, not as far as I am aware, you would need to make notes of changes required and then apply them to the system when on board.

The Download/save is just to create a backup of the B&G settings in case of a system reset.

Suggestions for new features and capabilities » Prestart TWA Table » 3/04/2019 12:56 am

Interesting - typically TWS/TWD and current are locked for prestart due to the high rates of turn etc that send leeway and other vars pretty wild.

Questions about Expedition features » Displaying Expedition Data on Triton 2 & H5000 Graphic Displays » 3/04/2019 12:51 am

You can select what data to output to the 10 Remote channels from within the H5000 websocket settings in the instrument connection dialogue.

Don't know about Triton but you select the remote data on the H5000 graphic displays under the 'User' menu.

Technical Q&A » Uploading calibration setting to H5000 » 3/04/2019 12:44 am

You can download a backup of B&G over websocket to your PC, so yes.

Technical Q&A » C-Map 4D » 2/05/2019 4:24 am

I'm not sure that you are looking at the same charts - NT+ charts require the NT+/PC planner application, and they are stored in different directories. I have never been able to see 4D based charts in the NT+ version.

This also begs the question, why are you buying charts for the US east coast from CMAP when better charts are available for free? 


unplugged wrote:

I am not sure that is correct.
I have only purchased 4D charts.
When I open 4D version this is what I see under "My Charts"
Usa East Coast And Bahamas
  Release: 22/04/2017
  Programmed: 03/11/2017
  Obsolete Cartridge
    Standard land VAD Free Unlocked
    Standard marine VAD Free Unlocked
    ActiveCaptain VAD Free Unlocked
    High Res Fishing Bathymetry Paid Locked
    Sport Fishing Data Paid Locked

When I switch to the non-4d Version of Expedition,  I have charts for all of the east coast.



Networking Issues » Garmin Quatix 3 » 6/26/2018 3:49 am

Watch this space, there is an ongoing project to get Exp data to Garmin Fenix watches. In beta, it works great, but buggy. You will find out when it is cracked.

Technical Q&A » Recommended laptop specs » 4/10/2018 7:41 am

The best setup I have used is a Getac F110 mounted below, with wired and wireless comms for all connections, a BT mouse and keyboard. Then a Mesa2 on deck with UDP data passed <->. 

1. Both devices can act as primary navigation units - networked together all files can be shared
2. Both devices very rugged & Mesa2 battery exceptional
3. Lose the Mesa2 and the Getac can be taken on deck if required
4. Lose the Getac and the Mesa 2 can take over as primary

Mesa2 screen is excellent but small (but v high res). My eyes are also not 25yo any more either, but iclip specs for night time and hydrotacs on sunnies for daytime work a treat.

Technical Q&A » Expedition freezing at midnight » 4/10/2018 7:34 am

I personally have never come across this - with Exp running for many, many days on end. I have probably run for at least a week but out of caution usually schedule a windoze reboot every few days so that don't get any surprises.

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