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Networking Issues » Exporting waypoints to H5000 » 9/10/2021 5:15 pm

There is a discussion on this SA thread that brought up the ability to FTP directly to the Zeus / Vulcan display so the SD card doesn't need to be physically accessed.

I create the route in Expedition, then in the Edit Marks dialog box highlight the route and use the .gpx button to save the route on the PC.

Once saved, this file can be sent via an FTP client (Filezilla) to a chart plotter on the Ethernet network.  I use a hard wired Ethernet connection but this can also be done via WiFi.  You need to know the IP address for the chart plotter. I have a DHCP server that assigns addresses for each MAC on the network so there are predictable IP addresses.In the FTP client use Port 21 and Anonymous login.  The attached screenshot shows the FTP client window. As you can see, both SD card slots are visible on the FTP client.Using this method, I no longer need to remove the SD card to transfer the GPX files.B&G should include this information in their documentation!https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/uploads/monthly_2021_09/Screenshot.png.67e834a442430f6faf350941ee88023b.png

Suggestions for new features and capabilities » Edit Route & Waypoint Folder Name in Dialog Box » 9/08/2021 4:06 pm

The ability to edit the route and waypoint folders when using the mark management box on my Surface Pro 4 is a challenge.  Right clicking must be done multiple times in order for Windows to give the Edit capability.

Would it be possible to provide a field so for mark folders when the folder is highlighted and the edit button is clicked a box is available to edit the name?  Similar for the Route folder when the Details button is clicked the folder name can be edited. 

General Discussion » What Book for Expedition - H5000 Polar Generation & Calibration? » 6/19/2020 3:57 am

Just a follow up - I emailed Will Oxley and he sent me some additional resources.  I also purchased his Modern Race Navigation book on Kindle.  

An additional resource available from North U is the Expedition 101 webinar conducted by Peter Isler.  I found that since I purchased this last year I can still view it on my Android phone.  A more descriptive index for the webinar contents is pasted below for anyone interested.  Peter does a really good job explaining the details for each of these areas.

North U Expedition 101 Webinar Contents
Video 1 (Part 1, Section 1)
Overview 10 m
Creating a route 45 m

Video 2 (Part 1, Section 2)
J Boat Racing – St Barth
Creating a Mark Database 2:30
Routes & Marks 9:00
Working with Charts 14:00
Autochart 16:20
Playback 20:00
Predictor Line 25:30
Number Box’s 29:30
Logfiles & Strip Charts 41:30
Alternating Channels 44:00

Video 3 (Part 1, Section 3)
Creating a route
Intro to route optimization 23m
Intro to Strip Chart 39:30
Test v Polar 45:00
Parse Log Files to create Tests 48:00 m

Video 4 (Part 2, Section 1)
Configuring Instruments 43:00 m

Video 5 (Part 2, Section 2)
Integrating AIS & Instruments
Sending Data to Instruments 10:30 m
Strip Chart Setup 14:00 m
Replay a Race 28:00 M
Polar’s Tips 31:00

Video 6 (Part 2, Section 3)
Sail Charts
Yellow Brick Race Tracking 10:00
Weather Routing 26:00

General Discussion » What Book for Expedition - H5000 Polar Generation & Calibration? » 6/18/2020 4:14 pm

Thanks Sparky.  I just emailed Will to find out which of his books covers the desired topic.

General Discussion » What Book for Expedition - H5000 Polar Generation & Calibration? » 6/18/2020 3:28 am

Last year I took the North U Expedition 101 webinar by Peter Isler.  It was an excellent course that exposed me to a number of great features in Expedition and how to do some basic setup, routing and displaying Expedition data on my B&G displays.  

I am interested in going further using strip charts to improve polars and develop polars for my Code 0 since I don't have any for it.  I also want to improve / fine tune sensor calibration.

Is there a book or online resource recommended that covers these topics? I prefer to purchase something I can "keep" and refer to afterwards as a refresher.  Unfortunately the North U webinars only have a 1 year period where you can go back and review information in the course modules.

Questions about Expedition features » Updating Tidal Currents for Local Area - How to import » 6/08/2020 3:57 pm

Thanks Nick.  I just did that.  Expedition seems to work fine but the deleted file name remains in the dialog box even after exiting and restarting the program. I don't think it has any adverse impact on the program.

Questions about Expedition features » Updating Tidal Currents for Local Area - How to import » 6/08/2020 3:34 am


The Settings dialog box for XTides is a file chooser. If you delete the text and submit, the only options is "Open" or "Cancel". Neither button saves it with blank text.

Questions about Expedition features » Updating Tidal Currents for Local Area - How to import » 6/06/2020 5:04 am

Thanks Nick. 

I changed it to the US Model RI & MA and it shows more data points on the chart.  All the labels on the chart are in the format 0.XX.  Is this supposed to represent a factored maximum?  Some current arrows appear over land masses rather than the water bodies.  The screen shots below represent planning I'm doing for a pursuit race in Narragansett Bay on 7 June.  I know that currents may be up ~ 0.7 Kts @ 230 under the Mt. Hope Bridge at 11:06 local and agrees with the local current chart predictions.  My optimal route planning shows set and drift 246/0.0kts as shown in the third screen shot from OpenCPN.  The Mt. Hope Bridge is a mark of the course so a convenient location to look at tidal currents.

How do I clear the XTide file box on the Tides settings screen?  I put an entry in there to try and now I can't clear it.

Links and pictures below:
Optimal Route CSV Output from Exp

Arrows over land Ebb

Arrows Over Land Flood

Current Mt Hope Bridge - OpenCPN @ 1106 7June2020 

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