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Suggestions for new features and capabilities » Prestart TWA Table » 2/25/2019 9:44 pm

Andy Green
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In expedition calibrations it would be very handy to have a separate TWA table that would automatically be switched to when the the pre-start timer is running (upwash conditions for a jib). Once the clock runs down, the normal TWA table (for upwash conditions with reaching sails such as a MH0) would come back into effect.

Could also have a separate TWA table for reefs in the main.

Software Releases » Expedition now has weather models! » 10/07/2018 8:42 pm

Andy Green
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Exciting that you've provided additional local models for the AUS east coast; I will be using the NSW domain in the upcoming Newcastle-Bass race this weekend.

Just curious, what global or regional models do these particular sub-domains use at the boundaries?

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