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Technical Q&A » Predict Wind button missing in v11.4.2 » Today 2:38 am

davidh wrote:

Thanks, I found it in the right click menu.

There does not seem to be the same ability to select the area to be covered by the download.  Instead, the download appears to cover pre-defined PW areas, which are generally coastal and which may not cover all the area of a particular race.  Is there a way to download a single PW Grib that would cover the entire route of the Sydney to Hobart, or from Sydney to Auckland?

I never used PW for GFS (always used Saildocs), but PW was/is a convenient source for us for ECMWF model data via the PWE model.

You can still access the PW wider/custom areas by downloading the grib via the Predict Wind Offshore App.

Questions about Expedition features » Polar and drift » 9/25/2020 9:18 am

By drift I presume you mean Leeway.

It is up to you and your instrument systems what TWA is referenced to - Course or Heading. See https://www.fieldyachting.com/question-and-answer/calibration/q-from-customer-twd-and-leeway and https://www.fieldyachting.com/question-and-answer/calibration/hi-guys-how-much-twa-angle-correction-is-normal

SOG and COG are GPS variables.

The leeway component has nothing to do with the polar - it is an instrument variable, so the more heel you have the more leeway your instruments will calculate.

Yes, you can load a heel polar to Exp for displaying target heel and polar heel etc.

No Expedition will not automatically update your polars, deliberately. How does your software know if an improvement is performance is not due to a poor BSP, TWS or TWA calibration, or wind sheer, or an inverted gradient? Polar data should only be modified deliberately after proper analysis usign Expeditions own analysis features or other third party sw such as KNDsailingperformance.

General Discussion » Garmin Nautix and Beat COG » 9/22/2020 3:42 am

You can see a discussion about sending Expedition data to the Garmin network and displays here: https://www.fieldyachting.com/question-and-answer/networking/h5000-vs-garmin-expedition-for-live-performance-data

As to whether Garmin makes the custom channels available to the HUD is a question for Garmin.

Suggestions for new features and capabilities » Hover function » 9/15/2020 2:57 am

What you are describing is similar to the Tooltip function, and also the https://www.dropbox.com/s/l71nyh340sq5q3p/Screenshot%202020-09-15%20115455.jpg?dl=0

Technical Q&A » New Q&A site » 9/11/2020 12:26 am

The Q&A is driven by the same host that was used to register for my Webinars, so if you have already signed up for tickets for the webinars you will already have a member profile on my site.

Technical Q&A » New Q&A site » 9/09/2020 4:55 am

NoRay wrote:

Hello Campbell,
FIY. I've registred also, but indeed  did not receive an email, even after resending one.


There is an option to either 'log in' or 'sign up' to the site. Sign up is required to join the community.

I have deleted your contact from the site - please return to the Q&A and sign up (I have altered the signup page for it to be clearer.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Technical Q&A » New Q&A site » 9/08/2020 1:17 pm

DuncanR wrote:

Hey Cambell, great idea, and definitiely fills a gap.  There are definitely upsides to the lockdown!
However I cannot get an email response to my joining.  Perhaps others have the same happeneing.

I see you as having registered. I will investigate.

Suggestions for new features and capabilities » Minimum time for sail change » 9/08/2020 2:34 am

I have a similar view to Nick, that if you put in a very short leg you should be aware of it and consider the time given alongside the sail selection from your XO chart lookup, in much the same way that you would have to consider the wind bends around an island feature and what the implications would be to that potential sail change timing.

Technical Q&A » New Q&A site » 9/08/2020 2:18 am

Hello fellow Expedition users.

This is a soft launch of a new site to answer all those burning questions, with the aim to become a go-to resource for instrumentation, software and other navigation related topics.


I am asked, almost daily, questions relating to electronics, instrument systems, Expedition, KND etc and figured we would all benefit if those questions and answers are preserved as an easily searchable resource.

The Q&A site is not intended to replace this excellent Forum, but there are some key features that make it a bit different.

I hope you enjoy the Q&A site, or at the very least find it useful. Also am happy to receive any feedback.


Technical Q&A » START LINE distance problems » 9/08/2020 2:05 am

Can you post a screenshot of your issue? 

When you select Start line to be shown on chart, does it look correct/in place?

Not saying you don't have an issue, just that I have used this feature a lot without problems - i.e. saving the RYS line off of Cowes.

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