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General Discussion » Problems Purchasing C-Map » 11/01/2021 3:22 am

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Thanks Nick, sure that would work in the US (I'll take free charts whenever I can get them ;). I am in Tenerife, Canary Islands right now, about to make a 4700 mi doublehanded passage to Mar del Plata, Argentina. Then down through the Beagle Channel to Patagonia. 

I have CM93 charts for OpenCPN, guide books, everything downloadable from Argentina, Navionics on the iPads, etc. and will grab local stuff available there, but... 

I like to use Expedition as the primary routing and nav tool, it is just better and faster than the Zues IMO and all of the boat data is in one place, and lots of data is available on one screen. It also allows me to display Navionics and c-map side by side on the iPads (remote desktop to Expedition) to quickly reference differences, which has been helpful when taking the boat into places off the beaten path. Quite frankly I think it is the best product available and I don't want to leave port without it anywhere!

I did finally get it to go through today with a card from a European bank. 

So the answer/solution is for those from the USA, find a Euro bank card to put the transaction through.

General Discussion » Problems Purchasing C-Map » 10/31/2021 5:14 am

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Thanks guys. The issue is on C-Maps end. Expedition is working flawlessly.
The problem lies somewhere in C-Maps bank/credit card processing settings. It is fixable, but no one there cares to address it. Perhaps we are not important enough customers?

I am from the USA, and the card is being attempted to process in Italy. I have tried 4 different credit cards, all international with the same result. 

I used to be able to call C-Map, and they had wonderful phone/email support. Now all support requests go through Navico, which honestly I am not sure that anyone in their call center has even seen a boat. They have no idea what Expedition is.

Looking at chart detail in some of the areas we sail, the Garmin/Navionics charts are now more detailed. I am beginning to question the long-term value of purchasing additional C-Map charts under its new ownership. 

Are there any other options for charts in Expedition that would be comparable?

General Discussion » Problems Purchasing C-Map » 10/30/2021 3:33 am

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As of late, I have been having a lot of trouble purchasing c-map charts. I had a workaround for standard Navico support (who most there didn't even know what Expedition was), but that seems to have been removed and it is back to the black hole. Does it seem integration with Navico is causing some issues? 

Has anyone else had issues getting new charts, and if so how did you get around them. Is there a way to utilize Navionics charts?

Technical Q&A » How to Interpret Heave to Visualize Wave Patterns? » 9/27/2021 4:19 am

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Maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I am always curious what additional data is available and how it can be used.

How should heave be interpreted? What is it's default unit of measurement? Does anyone use this data to review wave size/period to adjust wave polars? Can GPS Altitude be used in a similar regard?


Questions about Expedition features » satellite phone » 6/07/2021 2:02 am

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Just used Expedition / IridiumGo! / SailDocs& AirMail / Predictwind combo to cross the atlantic.

It doesn't give you everything you can get with a dedicated FleetOne on OPB, but it worked well and was very reliable.

What pulled it all together was AirMail from SailMail/SailDocs. Then just save the emailed files to the Exp Grib folder. Done.

Not as seamless, but if budget is an issue it is the ticket. But I'm back on the board searching for a more integrated solution.

If budget isn't a major factor just go for rhe FleetOne, you will be happier.

Technical Q&A » Magnetic Variation Model Out of Date » 1/03/2020 7:46 am

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Using Expedition 4D on Win7 w/ Cmap charts after Jan 1 it has started displaying an error message on startup and COG will not display, seems to be picking up only partial data from antisense.

Error Message: “Magnetic Variation Model Out of Date. Is your computer clock set correctly? Else, please see the Expedition web site.”

Double checked windows time and time zone, all seem to be correct.

Will download the latest 4D update next time I have sufficient broadband, any help would be appreciated. Am I missing something?

Expedition Stories » Huge win in 2019 Chicago-Mackinac Race » 11/19/2019 7:10 am

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Sorry for the late reply to an old thread, I don't stop in much. Thanks for the mention Nick, as the Nav on the 1D35T Chico2, we certianly could not have done it without Expedition! The guys and gals sailed the heck out of the boat as well!!!!

Congrats Hoss I am sure you will have much more Mac success in the future!

Blizzard wrote:

It was quite the race!

GFS had the velocity spot-on, and the wind direction exactly 90 degrees off for 80% of the race. ......

Any insight as to how I can predict that a forecast will continue to be wrong would be much appreciated.

And congrats on your win!

Try using the bouy data feature to compare bouy and shore station wind from around the lake with the models in real time. IMO I would throw away a forecast with winds 90 deg off, that would mean you are well ahead or behind a major influencing factor in the model.

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