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Questions about Expedition features » Reloading Routes and Marks after PC Change » 1/10/2020 5:51 am

Hi All
not sure if something has changed or i have forgotten how to do it.
Changed office PC, reloaded all software, Exp charts etc all functions ok, i have tried to reload copied routes and marks. Marks go over in one big file although they seem to have transferred over in individual mark folders. Route / course names have transferred but are empty of marks just showin "x-loop" when opened. I am fairly sure i have had to do this before after crashes and the transfer worked ok. What am i missing or was i dreaming? Tried reload latest software etc re-boot etc. I still have access on the old PC (until i bin it) to the original version with course and marks all are showing and intact, the export lets me save all routes and marks to a file, about 1mb.

Any ideas, no rush, race boat not affected all still there, would like to avoid re building all my old courses if possible.

Technical Q&A » Difference between Route BRG and Divider BRG » 11/08/2018 9:22 am

Image still not working for me.
Try Imgur.



Technical Q&A » Difference between Route BRG and Divider BRG » 11/08/2018 6:10 am

Doh! Tried to edit that post to tidy it up after spotting the image files dotted around all over the place but the Captcha wasn't working so couldn't amend.

Think you get the gist anyway. 


Technical Q&A » Difference between Route BRG and Divider BRG » 11/08/2018 5:54 am

Sure it is something simple i am missing. 
On a T[img]file:///C:/Users/simon.greiner/Downloads/Route%20BRG%20v%20Divider%20BRG%20(1).webp[/img]ransat route the route shows a BRG of 272 when I overlaid a divider on the same route to check something I noticed the BRG on the divider showed at 266. On a Rhumb line optimal route the BRG also shows at 266/265 the entire route.

Is it auto calculating variation on one and not the other or something elsehttp://file:///C:/Users/simon.greiner/Downloads/Route%20BRG%20v%20Divider%20BRG%20(1).webp

Have tried to attach a screen image to illustrate, i never seem to have much success with that, let me know if it works.

Thanks Simon.



Technical Q&A » Track oscillating on chart also in stripchart on SOG and COG » 8/30/2018 7:42 am

to save me trawling, I have just installed EXP on a new boat with a new PC so setting up from scratch. Track is fuzzy both on the chart also hits the top line of SOG and COG in stripchart. Because we have a mix of old and new B7G on board I am feeding via Actisense which I have never used before so wonder if there is a setting I need to change in there. Everything is working on both B&G and Exp the numbers boxes and displays show steady numbers. Unfortunately I am back in the UK and not on the boat so no rush but will be returning soon.
Anyone had the same issue, is it Exp based or B&G / Actisense?

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