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Software Releases » 11.0.3 » 2/20/2020 10:30 pm

Nick wrote:


Improvements to laylines and some start numbers.

Hi Nick,

What are the improvements to laylines?  Will the improvement have a noticeable effect?

Also where is the option to switch between using target and actual data for laylines?


Technical Q&A » Damp time to layline? » 2/03/2020 2:58 am

Calibration is good, but as always could be better as is constantly being refined.

The problem is assuming that the calibration is perfect and the polars are right 75% of the time, what do you do when the best VMG's are achieve by not sailing to the polars.

Technical Q&A » Damp time to layline? » 2/03/2020 1:37 am

I understand how the lay/polars work and normally make allowances for the conditions.  Is it possible for expedition to take into account the actual TWA/TWS rather than the polars.  The current polars I have are good for flat water, but when offshore with a lumpy sea, we start sailing fatter up wind as this gives us the best VMG in a sea way. 

Also I have seen variations between our polars and actuals at times due to variation in wind speeds between that at sea level and the top of the mast.  This difference can vary in 10 knots of true wind at the top of the mast from almost nothing to only a couple of knots at sea level.  These difference in average wind speed across the sails has a big effect on actual speed. E.g. TWS says 10knots but effect polars sailed are closer to 6knots.

What is the best options for working arround these issues?

Technical Q&A » What's the DateTime format used in Expedition log files for UTC? » 7/11/2019 9:47 pm

In Excel (Or Open Office) convert format to required date/time format.

The number is the number of days since 1900.  The decimal part if multiplied by 86400 (seconds on a day) then divided by 24 gives hours, then divide by 60 to get minutes, ….

gregs wrote:

Hi there,

I am looking at the logfiles raw data and I see the UTC time being in a strange format such as this 43650.291669. Does anyone know what this format is? It does not look like a Unix timestamp or any DateTime format I could think of.

This would be useful to interpret the raw data using custom tools. Any help appreciated. Thanks!


General Discussion » B And G 5000 Assistance » 12/11/2018 12:39 am


I and trying to fine tune the calibration of the B and G 5000 on the yacht I am currently sailing on.  I believe that the wind speed is under reading and cannot find anywhere or anyway to adjust.

I know this is not the correct place to ask, so can someone point me to a forum that can assist with B & G calibration.


Questions about Expedition features » Optimal-Fleet » 12/06/2018 12:08 am

What I was hoping to do was to be able to optimise a number of boat for the Syd-Hob race.  In the past I have loaded the polars individually and then optimised.  Is it possible to optimise multiple boats for an up coming race in a simple process.

Questions about Expedition features » Optimal-Fleet » 12/05/2018 12:56 am

I am using version 10.9.11.   I found the menu item "Fleet" on the "Optimal" menu.  When I select this option nothing happens.  I have a number of boats set up under "Sail-Boats" with a link to their polars.

The documentation says "boats in the fleet that are drawn on the chart at the last race tracking time for the reference boat"; what does this mean?

Does this option let you create routes for multiple boats?


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