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Networking Issues » H5000 Wind Sensor Connection Questions » 9/11/2019 6:56 am

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It seems that when connecting a B&G wind sensor to an H5000 system, one can either connect the sensor to the nmea 2000 backbone (perhaps through an analog module) .., or connect it directly into the H5000 processor. The B&G manual shows both.

Why would one choose one, or the other?

I first thought that it was related to particular wind sensor - that the different models have different connection requirements - but it seems that this is not the case.

Also, if it is connected directly into the wind connections in the H5000 processor, is it then a nmea 0183 connection? 

Technical Q&A » Logging/ renaming boats - user menu » 8/07/2019 8:20 am

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with respect to this feature.., another thing that i would really like to be able to do is to have a second stripchart window open  - so i can view the logged data from the other boats, without having to open a new .str file.

i typically like to have a window that displays SOG for me.., and the other boats i am logging - boat 1, boat 2, and so on.

but as far as i know, the only way i can view that is to close out of my primary stripchart window, where i plot all my boat data, and open another .str file.

because of the variability of SOG over AIS, it's not that helpful to just view, say Boat 1 SOG in a number box - you really need to wand the numbers over a time period...

Questions about Expedition features » AIS impact on B&G H5000 and Expedition » 7/22/2019 1:31 pm

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as i understand things.., for a device sold in the USA, the DSC call to the programmed MMSI is the _only_ call that gets made, and there is no possibility of an all ships call

given what you are saying.., wouldn't the best thing be to just navigate to the newest position in expedition?

Networking Issues » Keyspan serial port adapter v2 » 7/22/2019 10:56 am

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I often have a problem with expedition indicating closed ports

Ventus seems especially prone to having the port get closed.., but i get it with other network connections too.

I have just downloaded a free program called TCP View.., that is supposed to make it easy to monitor port usage, to easily end the process occupying a port, or to just close the port

the description"
"TCPView is a Windows program that will show you detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system, including the local and remote addresses and state of TCP connections. On Windows Server 2008, Vista, and XP, TCPView also reports the name of the process that owns the endpoint. TCPView provides a more informative and conveniently presented subset of the Netstat program that ships with Windows. The TCPView download includes Tcpvcon, a command-line version with the same functionality."



Questions about Expedition features » AIS impact on B&G H5000 and Expedition » 7/22/2019 10:46 am

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i have used the test mode in the MOB 1 to see what it looked like on the chart plotter and on Expedition - were you using the test mode.., or did you really activate it?

what i am really wondering about is the alarm on other boats - was it a DSC alarm?

in the USA.., the DSC call from the MOB 1 only goes to the boat you fell off of..., something about the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) licensing... 

in order for it to do that, you have to program in the MMSI of the boat you are on.., and if you use it on different boats, you have to reprogram it when you change boats. Otherwise, the DSC call won't go to anyone.., except the original boat if they are within VHF range.

I guess I understood that for a MOB 1 purchased in Europe the DSC call would go to all ships within range, and it sounds like Australia  is the same.

Anyway, I will try a more complete experiment next time - leave it on for a while and move it.., and see what i get.

Suggestions for new features and capabilities » AIS: Targets, Tracks, and Mapping to Boat » 7/22/2019 10:30 am

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Thanks - that will be helpful.

I do still think that it would be really great to have an option to only draw selected AIS tracks.

maybe also.., if the tracks drawn are of mapped boats.., they could be drawn in the color selected for the mapped boat in Settings > User

Suggestions for new features and capabilities » AIS: Targets, Tracks, and Mapping to Boat » 7/21/2019 8:12 am

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I raised this in the technical questions sub-forum a while ago, but wanted to put it here as a suggestion.

The ability to view AIS targets and draw their tracks is very useful, but in areas with a lot of targets the screen gets too busy. I just did a week long regatta in Newport - Narragansett  Bay, and there are a lot of boats out...

it would be great if there were an option to only draw the tracks of selected boats.., and maybe even to only display the target icon for selected boats.

i often map the AIS targets of  my competitors to Boats - and log them, so one possibility might be to provide an option to only display targets/tracks for AIS targets that are mapped to boats. 

I guess a potential problem with that approach is that you pretty much have to log all the boats you map, so your log files will get really big. If I understand correctly - the only logging option now is to log all boats and the only way to not log AIS targets mapped to boats would mean not logging your own boat too.., which nobody will do.

i think something could be worked out so that we don't have too many tracks drawn. 

another thing that would be useful would be a way to put a button in the quick access toolbar to turn AIS tracks and/or targets on and off. Now, because that check box is in Settings > Display, it can't be put on the toolbar, and it's kind of cumbersome to go to the check box

The format was "navigator" racing - basically 1-2hr races around government marks that are all over the place. looking at competitor's AIS is pretty important for this kind of racing, but i am sometimes turning those display options on and off every couple of minutes...

anyway an option to only display selected AIS targets and tracks would be great.

Technical Q&A » Georeferencing problems » 7/13/2019 6:12 pm

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so, now what i am finding is that if i georeference an image it works as long as i leave it loaded in the list of images.
but if i clear the data base, and try to re-load the image it doesn't work.

the other thing is that if i move the image file and the georeferencing file to to another folder and try to load them, they don't work. i don' think it's an issue of the file path, because if they were in the same folder to begin with.., the xml doesn't have a full path - just the name of the file.

i know in the past this was not an issue, because i have previously georeferenced images for friends and emailed them both the image and the xml file, and they were able to use them with no problem.

it would be great of this could get fixed because the georeferencing is a great feature of expedition - i use it quite a lot

Technical Q&A » Georeferencing problems » 7/12/2019 10:54 am

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I often find that an image i have georeferenced, and that worked fine when i did it, doesn't work some time later.
so, i end up having to georeference it again
has anything changed in the format of the xml file?
they look the same to me...

General Discussion » C-Map 4D Regions » 7/08/2019 9:00 am

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i am thinking of getting the 4D charts.., but it seems that the coverage areas are smaller that was available with the NT charts

I have region 033 for the NT charts and it covers all of the US east coast, canadian east coast, the caribbean, bermuda, and northern south america

is there a similar region for the 4D charts?

I have looked here:

and the link there for the coverage area is dead, but you can kind of see the coverage aras on the map on that page - it seems there are no areas that cover what 033 covered...


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