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Ventus Navigation » Apple Watch? » 10/29/2015 11:57 am

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Long time lurker, first time writer...I absolutely love both Expedition and Ventus.

Are there any plans to add an Apple Watch applet? It would be so awesome to have the haptic feedback during a countdown, or as a layline is approached. What about a buzz when he boat stays below 80% of polar as for more than x minutes? Plus, having access to the display info while my phone is safely below would be priceless.

If you look at the total addressable market of just Ronstan's starting watch, it is obvious that people want access on their wrists. If you look at the Apple Watch adoption, ~75% market share, and compare that to the demographics of your current customers I'm sure there would be a significant overlap. The number of Apple Watches at the yacht club is already significant.


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