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General Discussion » Optimal Route Difference Between "Email Grib" and "Get GRib" » 6/26/2018 1:45 pm

Joe Gaffney
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We were installing a backup sat device and ran back to back (within 2 minutes of each other) GRIB requests and ran optimal routing against each which generated different routes. One GRIB we pulled via the sat device by using the Email function in Exped which grabbed it via an email reply on XGate. The other GRIB we pulled directly from within Exped by "Get Grib" while on the local wifi in the marina. The files although seemingly the same generated different weather forecasts and therefore routes. 

Are the Saildoc gribs pulled within Exped (on connection) different than those saildoc gribs that are bounced back via an email server like XGate?

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