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Questions about Expedition features » satellite phone » 6/07/2021 2:02 am

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Just used Expedition / IridiumGo! / SailDocs& AirMail / Predictwind combo to cross the atlantic.

It doesn't give you everything you can get with a dedicated FleetOne on OPB, but it worked well and was very reliable.

What pulled it all together was AirMail from SailMail/SailDocs. Then just save the emailed files to the Exp Grib folder. Done.

Not as seamless, but if budget is an issue it is the ticket. But I'm back on the board searching for a more integrated solution.

If budget isn't a major factor just go for rhe FleetOne, you will be happier.

Technical Q&A » Magnetic Variation Model Out of Date » 1/03/2020 7:46 am

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Using Expedition 4D on Win7 w/ Cmap charts after Jan 1 it has started displaying an error message on startup and COG will not display, seems to be picking up only partial data from antisense.

Error Message: “Magnetic Variation Model Out of Date. Is your computer clock set correctly? Else, please see the Expedition web site.”

Double checked windows time and time zone, all seem to be correct.

Will download the latest 4D update next time I have sufficient broadband, any help would be appreciated. Am I missing something?

Expedition Stories » Huge win in 2019 Chicago-Mackinac Race » 11/19/2019 7:10 am

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Sorry for the late reply to an old thread, I don't stop in much. Thanks for the mention Nick, as the Nav on the 1D35T Chico2, we certianly could not have done it without Expedition! The guys and gals sailed the heck out of the boat as well!!!!

Congrats Hoss I am sure you will have much more Mac success in the future!

Blizzard wrote:

It was quite the race!

GFS had the velocity spot-on, and the wind direction exactly 90 degrees off for 80% of the race. ......

Any insight as to how I can predict that a forecast will continue to be wrong would be much appreciated.

And congrats on your win!

Try using the bouy data feature to compare bouy and shore station wind from around the lake with the models in real time. IMO I would throw away a forecast with winds 90 deg off, that would mean you are well ahead or behind a major influencing factor in the model.

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