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General Discussion » Chicago Mac race Schedules » 7/29/2016 5:51 pm

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Are you looking for a particular boat, a fleet or the entire thing?

Technical Q&A » YBTracking API - Long and Technical Warning » 7/27/2016 8:48 pm

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I wanted to start a separate thread, so as to not keep hijacking the other.

YBTracking (formerly YellowBrick) also makes their data available through an XML feed. The documentation around it is located at: http://cdn.yb.tl/docs/Yellowbrick%20XML%20API%20Notes.pdf

I pulled a portion of the N2B 2016 data as an example. This particular subset is from Triage, on which I raced this year. It is not the full dataset returned, as that would be for all of the boats. The complete URL string was: http://live.adventuretracking.com/xml/nb2016?n=5

For any given race, you replace "nb2016" with the race's short code. The n value identifies how many updates back you would like to pull. In this example, I pulled the last 5 updates from the tracker.

<Device serial="5883" name="Triage" marker="165">
   <Position alert="false">
   <Position alert="false">
   <Position alert="false">
   <Position alert="false">

Technical Q&A » Plotting Position Reports from YB » 7/27/2016 8:03 pm

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Nick wrote:

I haven't looked at the API XML files. Would it be any help if I added support for them in Exp?

Good question. I like the API, because I get to manipulate the raw data, as well as control the feed. That said, I still prefer to use the schedules that get published for Expedition purposes. The only reason I would use the API itself, would be if I needed to get the data and the race schedule wasn't working for me. For example, I have used the XML data to pull specific multiple check-ins, whereas the race schedule only pulls the last check-in. I assume this is why Expedition needs multiple schedule updates to plot a track.

I think the real value of the API is the flexibility it offers around the data. I am just not sure how you would integrate that into Expedition, while retaining the same level of flexibility. That isn't really an application issue, but rather a difference between raw data and interpreted data. That said, I would be interested in seeing what you would develop from the data. /grin

Here is a link to the API Integration Notes:

Technical Q&A » Plotting Position Reports from YB » 7/25/2016 9:05 am

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pjl wrote:

Joe, is there any other setting than having the course active that would cause the destination to be incorrect?  I have looked and can't find one.  last year all this worked fine and i don't remember any particular bumps to get it active, but I did miss checking track other boats per nick's comment.  Still waiting to hear if there is any way to play this back in order to test operation.  Does Oxley's book deal with any of this?  I don't remember anything, but it has been awhile.

For testing, I go about a couple of different approaches. First, if you have the files you downloaded, clear everything from Expedition, and import them one by one. That should give you a set to test with. The YB Tracking button only automates the download of those files. Otherwise, it is the same import process.

Second, is for a race I didn't compete in, which is already finished. You can use the YB API to pull down XML files back over a specified range of updates. (You can pull the last update, last two updates, etc.). With those, you can build whichever combination you need. It's a bit of work, but valuable for reference. Also, the XML provides COG and SOG from the device, rather than calculated.

I am testing now to see if the built in delay is also reflected in the API data. Will get back later on that, once I have a race I can test with.

Technical Q&A » Windows 10 and screwed-up/near unreadable Expediton GUI menus » 7/07/2016 6:54 am

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Sorry for the delay in responding.

We had similar issues, which were unique to the Lenovo Yoga Pros we were using. I was finally able to find a good setup by playing with the resolution, "make text larger or smaller", and the overall font sizes. It took trial and effort, but did eventually come around.

Also, keep in mind the the magnifying glass on the number boxes allow you to increase the size of the fonts in the number boxes. One of those little things you don't think about....

General Discussion » Satellite Internet Connetion » 6/30/2016 5:55 am

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Short Version: Use SailDocs. Basic version is below. You can also setup a subscription, defining the interval and the duration.
To: query@saildocs.com
Subject: Anything
send http://yb.tl/<race code>-expedition.txt
send http://yb.tl/<race code>-boatids.txt

Long version:
We struggled with web downloads on the Newport-Bermuda Race, but found email to work far better. The ability to resume an interrupted download came in handy more than a few times.

During the race, I laid out a framework for a subscription based system, that would allow you to subscribe to the position reports from YellowBrick for a fixed period of time, at a frequency you select. They would be pulled every X minutes, and delivered via email to the subscribed email addresses.

It was during a conversation with Nick (YellowBrick Nick, not Expedition Nick) that I found out SailDocs has pretty much the same service available.

I may still build the system, as there are a number of other files that would be good to have showing up on a regular basis, but it is decidedly lower priority now.

Expedition Stories » Turn on Exp, win Race » 6/22/2016 8:06 pm

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Rumor has it that some 50ish boats retired prior to the race because of the low. Sounds like the eastern boats got it, but the western boats did not, including ours. Was a great race, minus the doldrums early on.

Technical Q&A » Problem when make a new route » 6/22/2016 8:03 pm

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Seriously, Nick. If I am ever in the same city with you, drinks are on me. You are a rock star, sir.

Technical Q&A » Importing GRIB files into Expedition » 6/22/2016 8:02 pm

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Psalusbury wrote:

Ian - thanks so much for your step by step directions. I can get my Iridium Go to connect with green dot displayed on iPad but can't get laptop to connect for Expedition to download grib files in Weather tab. I have laptop wifi connected to Iridium 05058 Go connection but no internet connection seems to result. Any suggestions or settings advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

I was able to get Ian's idea to work as a test, so try this out. You initiate the connection using the Iridium Go! app, and then piggy back on the open session through the laptop. Otherwise, you will need a software like XWeb to connect directly through the PC.

Technical Q&A » Importing GRIB files into Expedition » 6/22/2016 7:59 pm

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Ian Rogers wrote:

crc1965 wrote:

I'm  pretty sure with Predict Wind offshore app loaded on PC.  You select area and time for grib files, select download and pick iridium Go as the source....  after downloads one just needs to point Expedition to the Predict Wind download folder......  with phone or tablet the interface was through iridium mail app...

Also some races don't allow Predict Wind as its a paid service.   I know that for Pac Cup you can only access free sources of weather data, so that eliminates PW for us on the left coast.   We find that any method to simplify things offshore helps when you are tired.  We still use sailmail for 96 hr forecast and other weather data that is not available in Expedition.  

For those races that limit access to freely available data, you can still use PredictWind to download the GFS and CMC models. You just can't use the PWG and PWC files. That was the clarification we got last year. The model data is freely available. PW is just the download mechanism.

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