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5/18/2016 1:31 pm  #11

Re: Predict wind GRIBs

Also, look at the NAM from NOAA.

I often found the high resolution SailFlow forecasts were the best data in the US


9/12/2017 3:14 pm  #12

Re: Predict wind GRIBs

I am using PW Professional, Expedition and XGATE with Inmarsat.
​It is great to have the Option to use PW with the PW Offshore-App and XGATE.
​Out Standard procedure is to download Gribs via PW Offshore App and use it in Expedition.
But: In PW Offshore App I have Options like High Res, PWG & PWE, ECMWF 9 km   etc.
​In Expedition I have only a few Options, no pressure, no High Res - just 1 nm.
I was logged on in Expedition for PW with my Login for PW Professional.

​Is this a user failure or is download Gribs from Expedition only a simple way with less Options than in PW?


9/12/2017 5:57 pm  #13

Re: Predict wind GRIBs

Yes, Pw doesn't make their EC data available to other apps, but as you say you can download it with their app and then use in Exp.


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