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7/15/2018 3:12 am  #1

Seeing AIS targets on expedition

I am having trouble seeing AIS targets on expedition screen
Data is coming from AIS through Ethernet cable to computer. Also can see targets on simrad screen using B&G H5000.
But looking at instrument page on expedition unable to find AIS info on any com port.
Tried using network page, no luck
Does the AIS info need to come in on a separate com port to the B&G data ?


7/15/2018 3:40 am  #2

Re: Seeing AIS targets on expedition

Silly question I suppose, but Settings -> Display -> AIS -> Targets is selected for display, right?


7/15/2018 6:12 am  #3

Re: Seeing AIS targets on expedition

And if the AIS data comes into expedition via an ethernet cable, you should have a network port configured (not a COM port).


7/15/2018 12:07 pm  #4

Re: Seeing AIS targets on expedition

I this is data form the H5000 Websocket, then you are correct - the H5 does not send AIS data and you need a separate feed. Something like an Actisense NGT-1 would work.


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