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4/09/2017 1:51 am  #11

Re: Iridium Go

Using the XGate (XWeb) to connect to the Internet then allows you to get the YB Tracking directly via the button in Expedition.  Took a while to get this working but now makes getting the data so much easier.


5/12/2017 9:28 am  #12

Re: Iridium Go

With the iridium go I was able to use xgate to get gribs, yb tracking & tidetech currents directly from the expedition interface.  That should be all you need.

In practice things turned out a little differently.  I had issues with the go dropping the connection and the xgate link wasn't great at recovering from interrupted downloads.  YB data was small & two weeks of gribs were large.  So I ended up using the xgate interface for YB data & grib by email through Ocens as the Ocens downloader seemed much quicker to detect a problem & let you restart the download with a minimum of fuss.  

We later determined that a faulty adapter cable between the go & the external antenna cable may have been the cause of our instability.   But having an alternate process for getting gribs is still probably a good idea.


7/04/2017 4:26 am  #13

Re: Iridium Go

On a similar note. I intend to use a Motorola 9505 with data option to connect for grib files from expedition on the iridium network.

Can I connect direct from expedition or do I need to setup dialup connections first from windows and if I do, how do I prevent everything else in windows stealing bandwidth/data!!



7/04/2017 2:32 pm  #14

Re: Iridium Go

Sailmail has useful tips on their web site


7/06/2017 12:29 am  #15

Re: Iridium Go

Thanks will have a read.


8/01/2017 1:17 pm  #16

Re: Iridium Go

okay really need help with this, read up on sailmail configured as per instructions, and had an email with a techy who said 9505 will never work has to be a 9505a or newer so chucked a load of money at it and bought a 9555 but same problem.

It connects says there is an internet connection I can see data going both ways in the networkproperties but expedition squid and predictwind won't down load gribs despite no firewall or security software. what am I doing wrong??

Need to get this sorted, the gribs are a only a few k so not big.



8/02/2017 1:32 am  #17

Re: Iridium Go

I use the predict wind offshore to get the gribs onto the PC and then copy them into the expedition folder - taking great care not to loose erase etc and it takes about 11 minutes to download them! The routeing bit is not an issue as at 2 squidles per hour connection speed you could never use it with a GO!

Just having a practice now and the link between PW and go is quite clever - the signal to the go is not that good today - its really wet in Devon today but PW keeps going and looking back and you get a nice simiple green line showing how long you have been on and what has been downloaded.

I take it with Squid and other comments that you are heading to a rock on Sunday? http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png


8/02/2017 2:35 am  #18

Re: Iridium Go

Yes I am heading round the rock, but the problem is not opening the grib it is getting it in the first place, despite seeing data going both ways in the modem properties and being able to ping an internet address Squid and predictwind both think there is no internet connection, normally I would look straight at firewall for something like this but firewall is disabled so I am assuming its more likely to do with satellite latency or the windows 10 not realising slow connections exist!!!! Have just ordered a redport optimiser in the hope that sorts the issue!!! 


8/02/2017 3:14 am  #19

Re: Iridium Go

am running on W10 - and it hooks up to the GO network OK - It is better on the boat with the external aerial as you get a more reliable signal. On PW offhsore therte is the download via Go option whihc is what i use.

So I am not doing anything clever...

GO WIFI log in to computer and then using PW go download facility for the offshore grib options - unticking as many boxes as I can to get the file size down and then copy the file over to open in expedition 


8/02/2017 5:57 am  #20

Re: Iridium Go

Okay the Go works slightly differently to the 9555 but I think I might be getting somewhere as looks like the phone firmware was way out of date and looks as though the latest version works much better


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