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6/26/2017 2:17 am  #11

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

The other point to make is that with PW gribs, use their Offshore App utility to download GRIBS.  As it also has a routing function, it acts as a gribchopper, and you can specify in 1 step both 1 km (24hrs) and 8 km (up to 7 days) files for your route, EXCEPT for embedded Tidetech Ocean and Current Data, where with PW/TT you can only have the hooves, the horns, the whole damn animal, all 1+ GB of the thang, through Offshore App.  Not a good look at 256k/sec!  That is why I have a separate TT subscription, they have their own separate gribchopper, and a great visualisation website also.  If you ever try to download ocean currents via satphone, I promise you a TT subscription will burn the owner (and therefore you) a whole lot less.


7/01/2017 6:01 am  #12

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

+1 Duncan's comments.  I have used Squid over XGate email for GFS and ECWMF 9km.  Worked great via SquidMail. 

This year we are trying PW Pro, lured by the addition of ECMWF 9km, PWE, PWG, and TideTech data (North Atlantic).  You can't take a slice of TT, you have to take the entire Western Atlantic file (2 GB).  I'm further finding the PW Offshore interface miserable to use, particularly for one desiring to use email for loading.  PWE and PWG are the only features of interest to me versus individual TT and Squid subscriptions.


7/01/2017 5:16 pm  #13

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

You can also get the 9km ECWMF from Great Circle, see imagehttp://www.expeditionmarine.com/Downloads/GC_EC.PNG


7/14/2017 4:49 am  #14

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

Just another comment here.  I'm still having issues with the PW 8k vs 1k gribs.  I ask for the 1k (which shows dramatically different wind than the 8k using their phone app) and I can only get a file labeled 8k (looking at their file name).  Their solution is to give you the server based routing which provides you with little or no ability to evaluate).  I still prefer the Exp method where you can make "tuning" adjustments to align actual with the grib. Guess this is still too close to the black magic of Merlin as opposed to real science. 

Any thoughts?



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