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4/09/2017 1:51 am  #11

Re: Iridium Go

Using the XGate (XWeb) to connect to the Internet then allows you to get the YB Tracking directly via the button in Expedition.  Took a while to get this working but now makes getting the data so much easier.


5/12/2017 9:28 am  #12

Re: Iridium Go

With the iridium go I was able to use xgate to get gribs, yb tracking & tidetech currents directly from the expedition interface.  That should be all you need.

In practice things turned out a little differently.  I had issues with the go dropping the connection and the xgate link wasn't great at recovering from interrupted downloads.  YB data was small & two weeks of gribs were large.  So I ended up using the xgate interface for YB data & grib by email through Ocens as the Ocens downloader seemed much quicker to detect a problem & let you restart the download with a minimum of fuss.  

We later determined that a faulty adapter cable between the go & the external antenna cable may have been the cause of our instability.   But having an alternate process for getting gribs is still probably a good idea.


7/04/2017 4:26 am  #13

Re: Iridium Go

On a similar note. I intend to use a Motorola 9505 with data option to connect for grib files from expedition on the iridium network.

Can I connect direct from expedition or do I need to setup dialup connections first from windows and if I do, how do I prevent everything else in windows stealing bandwidth/data!!



7/04/2017 2:32 pm  #14

Re: Iridium Go

Sailmail has useful tips on their web site


7/06/2017 12:29 am  #15

Re: Iridium Go

Thanks will have a read.


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