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7/11/2018 8:46 am  #1

Expedition not seeing all data from Ockam system

I have the latest version of Expedition connected to an Ockam Unisyn system. When I connect Expedition through the RS232 interface, Expedition can see GPS data as well as most other system data like boatspeed and heading but there are a few select pieces of data that Expedition cannot see, with depth being one of them. Is there any reason for this? I've selected all data elements to be sent from Ockam to Expedition that are listed in the Ockam settings window but I'm curious if there is something else I am missing.

As a side note, I have the Ockam RS232 interface operating in Ockam stream, 7 bit mode (not NMEA). Not sure if that could be part of the problem or not.

Thanks in advance for any help


7/11/2018 11:43 am  #2

Re: Expedition not seeing all data from Ockam system

Exp defaults to using the NMEA DBP and DPT NMEA sentences embedded in the Ockam data stream as it makes the units more reliable.

Look at the raw data window in Exp.

If you don't see DBT or DPT, disable these in eth NMEA 0183 settings in the Exp Ockam interface.

Do you see a w tag in the Ockam data stream?


7/11/2018 11:45 am  #3

Re: Expedition not seeing all data from Ockam system

Ok, makes sense. I will take a look and confirm what is going on there.

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