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6/27/2018 1:34 am  #1

yb tracking not displaying

hi NIck
I have a couple of glitches with the yb tracking feature.
I can't seem to delete or clear old boats from the boats menu - I select all and press delete and it says no boat selected. even when selecting one by one it still gives the same message.

i am trialling importing the minifastnet at the moment and the boats won't display. i have gone into the settings menu and checked the box in race tracking but still nothing.

​can you give some advice?



6/27/2018 3:07 am  #2

Re: yb tracking not displaying

You can't delete old boats from the menu. You can start a new database though. It is easiest to delete or rename the old database.

The boats are drawn at positions interpolated to the weather display time. You need more than one position to see a track obviously and it will only drawn boats you have selected to be plotted.

Also, for example, see https://www.facebook.com/IslerBlueBook/videos/1857653127621019/?hc_ref=ARQ-qJBaeOO-0CN5HafD997h3XnBrFT8FapYHmbI8YDSscAvmGgJC7x4TsTvC7yZsQU


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