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5/15/2018 12:16 am  #1

Serial (RS232) - WIFI - Expedition (Using B&G H2000 Perf.)

Did anyone use a serial to wifi converter with the B&G H2000 Performance processor? I’m trying to connect using the RS232 Wifi converter USR-WIFI232-602 https://www.usriot.com/products/rs232-wifi-converter.html
Using an RS232-USB converter works perfect for me so I know the B&G system is setup correct, however the USB cable keeps unplugging and I’m now looking for an all WIFI solution.
I’ve set my wifi converter as an “Access point” in “Client mode” using TCP on port 8899. Baudrate 9600, 7 data bits, even parity, 1 stop-bit (which I know is correct with the performance processor as I use it over the USB converter).
I’ve opened up a virtual com port via the converter, I can see Expedition requesting data in the RAW data stream (#OE,19,1,R #OV,23,1,H and so on) but I can’t see any data coming from the B&G system (as I can using USB). Looking at the actual Wifi converter I can see TX flashing with all the commands coming from expedition, however RX never flashes and nothing comes back.
Any one with experience in setting up a serial to  wifi network that have any ideas?
Is there anything in Access point – TCP Client – Port 8899 that would restrict messages from being passed to the serial cable or restricting messages from coming back from B&G? How about “Flow control”?  


5/15/2018 1:53 pm  #2

Re: Serial (RS232) - WIFI - Expedition (Using B&G H2000 Perf.)

That looks like a nice device, although I have no experience with it.
Hopefully the Exp connection interface says port open at the top left.
You could try to connect from a web browser too - eg


5/15/2018 4:02 pm  #3

Re: Serial (RS232) - WIFI - Expedition (Using B&G H2000 Perf.)

I'm getting closer, I managed to send data to H2000 using it as an access point and displaying Time to gun in expedition .... however as I have incoming NMEA 2000 data from my H5000 fastnet interface to my yacht device wifi gateway via a 4G router i do need the 232 converter to be accessed via the router (same as NMEA 2000) ... I've managed to hook up the 232 converter to the router and access settings that way - I can see the COM port in expedtion ... however, now the TX is'nt flashing ... but I'm close to a very nice setup =) 

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5/15/2018 10:43 pm  #4

Re: Serial (RS232) - WIFI - Expedition (Using B&G H2000 Perf.)

I know a lot of people use Moxa, for example



5/16/2018 11:15 am  #5

Re: Serial (RS232) - WIFI - Expedition (Using B&G H2000 Perf.)

Success :-) USR-WIFI232-602 is now running as a client network under my router, allowing me to wireless send data as Time to Burn via my ”normal” network to the H2000 Performance processors 232 serial connection.  As i get data from the fastnet bus - H5000 Nmea 2000 interface I havn’t tried reading the serial. But sending works fine, let me know if any one else needs settings ...

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5/31/2018 1:34 pm  #6

Re: Serial (RS232) - WIFI - Expedition (Using B&G H2000 Perf.)

I am working on a similar system, and seem to be having the same trouble.

I have a Moxa Nport, which puts two serial ports onto Ethernet. This device is plugged into a WiFi router. Using the Moxa configuration software, I can make changes to the device. The device has been updated to use the B&G required settings (9600baud, 7 data bits, even parity, RTS/CTS).

In Expedition's instruments window, I can see Com 3 and 5, and Network 0. I have TCP server set, with the IP address for the device. The device is set to TCP client mode. Expedition says Network 0 is open, and I can see the same OE, OV, etc sentences in the raw data window. However, I have no instrument data showing up in Expedition.

Any ideas what I might have done wrong?

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5/31/2018 3:51 pm  #7

Re: Serial (RS232) - WIFI - Expedition (Using B&G H2000 Perf.)

#OV and #OE are probably Exp sending data and requests. Anything indented with a tab is from Exp.

So, you probably aren't receiving any data.


6/01/2018 7:56 am  #8

Re: Serial (RS232) - WIFI - Expedition (Using B&G H2000 Perf.)

I got it working.

I never was able to make a connection using TCP using Network 0 in Expedition.

However, it turns out the Moxa has drivers to create virtual com ports through a LAN. After configuring the device to use this feature, data started flowing on Com 3.


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