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3/07/2018 10:01 am  #1

Tracking Data

WARC2018. - Following a friend.  I am importing the YB data.
For routing I have been setting a start and end mark and then dragging/dropping the start mark on the boat's current position.  This is convenient enough for running routes.  I am now starting to play around with the tracking data for the entire fleet.  I'm seeing numbers that I don't understand which I think is because I keep changing the route every time I move the start point/time. 

To make the data more accurate, I'm thinking that either:
a. I need to reset the course to the real start finish after I am done running the routes or 
b. Some other solutions that I am not aware that will allow me to set a routing start point from one of the tracked boats position or
c. ?  


3/07/2018 11:48 am  #2

Re: Tracking Data

Not sure I understand your ?
I think you would need an accurate polar for each boat...
Then each boats current pos and time would be the starting point and the finish line the end point of the route. A lot of effort for a fleet that size.

Or are you talking about the Handicap calculator under the Sail tab?  If so you would have to enter their ratings and go with the assumption they passed a mark at a certain time.


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3/07/2018 12:37 pm  #3

Re: Tracking Data

I played around some more and think I figured it out.  When I set the route as active it sets Mark 0 (shows yellow) as active ? and Mark 1 as the destination.  The tracking tab then displays some if not all of its numbers relative to the active mark.  Which in a lot of cases was either behind or tangential to most of the fleet.  So I had negative VMC's and what looked like random dtf's.
When I removed my route and then just set an active mark at the finish, all the numbers line up correctly.
I can't tell if/how/what any handicap maybe set so not going to worry about that for now.

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