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2/28/2018 3:54 am  #1

Site code changed once upgraded to ver10.7.19

Does somebody know why the Site Code was changed once upgrading to ver10.7.19 from ver 10.0.4 ?

​Also, do you know if I should not upgrade because my PC is old OS basis, still Windows Vista Business (not Win10).

Thank you



2/28/2018 11:06 am  #2

Re: Site code changed once upgraded to ver10.7.19


I think you mean the license key?  10.5 required all new license keys.  Old licenses will not work.  You can request new keys from your local dealer or from Nick directly.

And I would junk your Windows Vista system.  Vista was always a troublesome OS and is no longer supported by Microsoft or anyone really.  Upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 10.  Expedition no longer runs on Vista.


3/05/2018 12:56 am  #3

Re: Site code changed once upgraded to ver10.7.19

Dear Fergal san
Thank you for the reply.
​My boss will contact with Nick san for new license key and prepare for new Win PC.
Thank you

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