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2/26/2018 8:49 pm  #1

Somebody joined from Japan ?

I would like to know how much the expediction software is practical for Japan south coast, discussing people.


2/27/2018 10:29 am  #2

Re: Somebody joined from Japan ?

Ted, Welcome to the forum.

Expedition software is practical for use anywhere there is water!  It is used by mariners around the world and will be effective in Japan also.  CMAP charts are available for Japan but you may also find ENC or RNC charts that provide greater resolutions.  Also, weather services like Predictwind and Theyr provide detailed weather info for Japan.  
There is no reseller of the software in Japan but you could maybe reach out to the resellers in HongKong or Korea who will likely be familiar with your market.  Or for more info see the Expedition Marine Resellers page.

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