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2/17/2018 7:43 am  #1

Manual YB position file import

I am having trouble manually importing position files that are emailed from Yellow Brick
i already have boat ids loaded

i get a file that is "expedition.txt" from YB - it is the expedition formatted position file and it looks fine

i get "unable to import boatid file" again - i already have boatid

i think i remember that years ago when i last did this manually, i had to change them to .csv files  - i tried that and i still get the same error message

i'd appreciate any tips on manually importing these files


2/17/2018 12:12 pm  #2

Re: Manual YB position file import

It can accept several names for the boat id file

For a YB Trackign example where c6002016-expedition.txt is the position report file: 


or BoatId.csv
or boatids.txt


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