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1/31/2018 2:31 am  #1

Expedition output to H5000

I have been trying to link an Expedition user output to appear on the H5000 race display. I'm told it's possible to do but for the life of me I cannot make it work. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.



1/31/2018 8:33 am  #2

Re: Expedition output to H5000

From your Instruments page, select the interface that communicates with your instruments.  Click on Expediton Settings and under Custom you will see a display of outputs which you can map to values in Expedition.

Then on your H5000 you should be able to display External/Remote values, these channels map onto the Expedition output channels.  I do it on a H2000 so I'm more familiar with the specifics there, but the H5000 should be even easier with its web configuration interface.



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