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1/16/2018 4:07 am  #1

Number Boxes 1min. Damping - Error

Hello guys,

Was wondering if anyone can help me figure this out or if anyone else is experiencing the same, in my number boxes for any channel I choose to dampen 1minute or any other value other than system values or no damping, Expedition shows the 2 lines and gives no results.

​I'm running Garmin/Nexus Server via a Garmin GND10.

​Thanks, Alvaro.


1/16/2018 4:39 am  #2

Re: Number Boxes 1min. Damping - Error

The data will appear in the Number Box cell only after that damping period (that you entered for the box) has elapsed. Data from the time before you entered the damping value will not appear. If this answer is not clear then call me for an explanation. Stu has my number.     

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