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12/28/2017 7:26 am  #1

Yellow Brick Tracking

I am trying to track the Sydney-Hobart race - no problem using the link through expedition.  But I need to be able to do this from a sat phone when doing races.  I used query@saildocs to download the yb.tl/rolexs2h2017-expedition.txt and boatids.txt files.  These save as noname files to my download folder.  I used notepad to remove the text above the first line of boat data and saved the position data as rolexs2h2017-expedition-1712280110.txt - which is what i believe the program is looking for where 0110 is the position time.  The file is comma delimited - boat#,southing,easting,time.

For the boatid file, I am opening using notepad, removing the information above the first line and saving it as a txt file which i then open in excel - gives me a message warning me that the data is comma delimite - excel then has a screen letting me set the elimiters - i am just leaving as the default commas the final import screen is to set the ate format - just leave as general.  I then save as an ms-dos.csv file named BoatId.csv - which again i believe is the correct format - on saving as csv file excel gives me a warning that the file may contain incompatible features - i hit yes which saves the file as a csv format and leaves out any incompatible features.

After doing all of these file manipulations i then try to load up into expedition:

In the sail command I go to race tracking and import the position file - i am getting a message "problem with BoatId.csv"

What am I doing wrong - is there an easier way of doing this via e-mail?

These are the first few lines of the position data file I am using:


and these are the first few lines of the BoatId.csv file - note all data is in the first column



12/28/2017 12:14 pm  #2

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking

The BoatId.csv file looks ok above, but this comment doesn't make sense to me

"... - note all data is in the first column"

​Does the file look ok if you open it in notepad? It is just a text file with a csv at the end .


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12/28/2017 3:14 pm  #3

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking

did you look at the "Boats" to see if any were imported?

for the last few years i have had fleet broadband, so haven't had to worry about getting files from saildocs, and importing them
however, i did exactly that for several races.., and i do recall having to screw around with the files i got from YB in order to import them to expedition...
i am doing a race in a few weeks where i won't have FBB.., so i am going to go back and see what it was that i did...
i'll let you know if no body else gets to it first
anyway - one thing to bear in mind.., is that you will be able to get the boatids into expedition before you leave the harbor - so you can do that over a regular internet connection, within expedition
the only thing you will do via saildocs is the regular position updates


12/28/2017 5:07 pm  #4

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking

Nick on the BoatId file what i mean is that the data is just comma separated and not in two different columns in the excel spreadsheet when i save the file.  I think my problem must be in saving to a csv file from excel

US7070 - i already had the boat ids downloaded through expedition, and had position updates through expedition via "sail - ybtracking" and had been into the boat editor to select a reference boat before i tried downloading subsequent boat position data via email.  So i know that the boat ids were already in expedition - i only tired to load them from the email file after i got an error message that the boated file was missing when i tried the position update from an email downloaded file.

Sorry about the missing "d" s on my first message - key on laptop is not working all the time - my spelling is usually better than this.

It would be great if you could give me your procedure when you get chance if no one else does


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12/29/2017 12:42 pm  #5

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking

You could mail me the two files. 

​The most common problem people seem to have is their editor adding extra information to the file. Editing it in something like notepad solves that problem.


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