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12/06/2017 9:50 pm  #1

AusENC's don't load

Uggg... trying not to bother Nick on his birthday!  Looking for a little help on AusENC loading.  I believe I've done all properly:

User Permit entered - check
S-63 Cell permits imported - check
Base ISO data downloaded - check
Cumm ISO data downloaded - check
Can point search at ENC_ROOT and scan the folder but nothing loads.... )):

Some simple trick I'm missing but cannot locate "help" that references this anywhere.  I promise I'll post the solution when I know it,

Anyone?...Anyone...?... Buehler?

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX UPDATE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOK...making some small progress...  folder needs to have everything in it and named V01X01.  Instructions weren't clear as they were talking about burning a CD and V01X01 being a "volume" names...  Still not getting all charts to load though...

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12/07/2017 2:49 pm  #2

Re: AusENC's don't load


Don't point it at ENC_ROOT. Exp uses the SERIAL.ENC file etc, so point the search at the parent folder.

You need to extract the downloaded data to a folder (it can be any name, I just call my folder enc-base​ and enc-update​). You need to keep the base and update separate though.

There will be sub folders (ENC_ROOT, EXTRAS, INFO etc). Do not alter the directory structure in each zip archive though.

​The Exp help on ENCs does cover it fairly well (I think).


12/07/2017 2:49 pm  #3

Re: AusENC's don't load

Which charts are you trying to load?
I think the issue might be you downloading the iso files. These need to be decoded by a dvd emulator.
You should be downloading the zip files and extracting these to the relevant directories as described in the help file.
Cheers, Will.


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