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11/21/2017 9:14 am  #1

Course/Mark Pane

When I set marks and course, then goto simulation mode I used to see a window at the bottom of expedition that shows each mark in sequence for the course with bearing, distance, etc. to the next mark. I found a Window menu in the upper right hand corner of the UI that lists windows available (AIS,C-MAP,Course,GPS, etc.). I checked off the Course window but I still don't see it. I was playing around earlier by floating/detaching the course pane window when it I could see it and am wondering if somehow I've "hidden" it somewhere in the UI. 

I know its a dumb question but any help appreciated


11/21/2017 12:02 pm  #2

Re: Course/Mark Pane

Hi - finally figured it out so I'd post in case someone else has the same issue. In the right hand upper corner, next to the Window menu, there is menu named State. I clicked on the State menu, and from its drop down set it to Default. The course window pane re-appeared. 

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