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11/17/2017 8:16 am  #1

Automatic event handling WL courses - event assistant

I do not know exactly how, but if there could be an option on WL courses to automatically log events, as it is tough to have the capability to note everything down during the courses.
i see that start moments are logged like this and displayed in the strip charts, so that is a great beginning.
but what about an "output" list available (race report) after the race with for the time for
- start time
- time for passing marks
- finish time
- time for tacks and gybes in during the race
- below line at gun (we have already, but included in this output list)
- time ellapsed when crossing starting line
- finish ellapsed time
that would be great when analysing the logfiles afterwords...
i will be able to handle at FINISH-button though, as i am less busy at the finishing line, shutting down the options above.

it could be possible that some of this is available already, just that i haven't found it.. i am not so good at using events, exactly due to lack of time and capacity during sailing

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