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11/08/2017 5:28 pm  #1

KND sailcharts and optimum results

I use KND crossover charts in Expedition.  KND crossover chart is kept open, and minimised to the left.  If I open Expedition, download GRIBs and run a route, Sails do not appear in the results tables.  It is as if I have no sailchart loaded.

If I open (i.e. maximise) the KND crossover chart, then minimise it again and then re-run optimisation, I can then see Sails in the results tables.

OK my expert friends, over to you!


11/08/2017 7:45 pm  #2

Re: KND sailcharts and optimum results

Unfortunately there isn't any easy way around this as Exp uses the GPU to determine the sail and it needs to see the KND window at least once.


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