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9/27/2017 12:32 am  #1

triton B&G , DY N2K navlink with usb , Ipad

I am Sailing on a 30 footer with a basic triton package. I have a computer running expedition witch I would like to connect to the network true the usb cable from the navlink N2K wireless server with usb. I use the ipad as remote screen.
 With this systhem will it be possible to send data from expedition back on the N2K backbone like bearing and distance to waypoint/mark ? Or even recalculated TWD from expedition to the triton displays ? 
 Thanks !


9/27/2017 8:48 pm  #2

Re: triton B&G , DY N2K navlink with usb , Ipad

I presume that is the Digital Yacht WiFi device? If so, it translates the NMEA 2000 to 0183.


​The document also gives the connection settings required. It suggests UDP is better than TCP, which I would agree with for this application.

​It doesn't offer any clues as to whether it supports data back to the N2k network. I suspect not.


9/28/2017 1:00 pm  #3

Re: triton B&G , DY N2K navlink with usb , Ipad

thanks for the quick reply !
The GAMP 2000 from Astra seems more complete.( http://www.astrayacht.com/wp/downloads/?lang=it# ) it translate nmea 0183 to 2000 and vice versa ! 
would this one work in the setup ? 
and if not what systhem would you recomend without costing a fortune ! 

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9/28/2017 1:19 pm  #4

Re: triton B&G , DY N2K navlink with usb , Ipad

If you don't need wireless, the Actisense NGT-1 is the standard NMEA 2000 adaptor and does not rely on NMA 2000-0183 translation.


10/02/2017 4:56 am  #5

Re: triton B&G , DY N2K navlink with usb , Ipad

Sorry I explained myself badly
I have a getac f110 running expedition on board  we do not have a fixed computer. so a wirelink between the backbone and the f110 is not always posible. but for relyability issues and some old mans preconseptions I need to be able to run expedition wierlesly from deck or wiered from down below with the ability to send information back to the backbone. and then use a splashtop program to mirrir it on deck with an ipad. is this more precise ? 

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