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9/23/2017 8:29 pm  #1

Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean Race starts in less than a month.  Is there a "generic" VO 65 set of polars available to use to second guess the real navigators?


9/25/2017 3:34 am  #2

Re: Volvo Ocean Race


Used for the virtual races of "Virtual Loup de Mer".

You have to manually "transpose" the row and columns and save to a text file to work in Expedition.


10/06/2017 2:36 am  #3

Re: Volvo Ocean Race

Do we know the link to/format of the VOR position reports available for the navigators on board?


10/23/2017 12:30 am  #4

Re: Volvo Ocean Race

Was there an answer to position report question??


10/23/2017 12:59 am  #5

Re: Volvo Ocean Race

Was there an answer to position report question??


10/23/2017 8:46 am  #6

Re: Volvo Ocean Race



10/24/2017 4:13 am  #7

Re: Volvo Ocean Race

Actually, when you fill in "vor2017" as race name under the YB Tracking in the Sail Menu,  you will receive 6 minutes updates on the fleet.


10/24/2017 4:15 am  #8

Re: Volvo Ocean Race

Great thanx!


10/24/2017 5:47 am  #9

Re: Volvo Ocean Race

Thanks for that, that seems to work but I am getting a few weird results. Now found the rest of the links as wellAll TrackersHTML Leaderboardhttp://yb.tl/Leaderboard/vor2017Simplehttp://yb.tl/Simple/vor2017Expeditionhttp://yb.tl/vor2017-expedition.txt

Recent versions of Expedition have a YB Tracking option which requires this code: vor2017Maxseahttp://yb.tl/vor2017-maxsea.txt
Google Earth (KML)http://yb.tl/vor2017.kmlText Leaderboard (all classes)http://yb.tl/l/vor2017For support, please email support@ybtracking.com


10/24/2017 6:06 am  #10

Re: Volvo Ocean Race

Although take the above with a pinch of salt as not all the links give meaningful info the google earth KML for example seems to give the life history of the trackers including a road trip across spain!!!


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