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8/26/2017 8:06 pm  #1

Expedition Custom channels to Garmin GNX120

Does anyone know if there is any particular trick required for sending the Expedition custom channels to the GNX120 displays?    I have a USB connection from laptop to Garmin GND10 box, which is connected to both nexus FDX server / NX2 displays and also the NMEA 2000 network with the GNX120 displays.
There is no data showing on the custom channels on the GNX120 displays, despite having done a mapping within Expedition.  Is there anything else to do to make this work?


8/27/2017 5:03 pm  #2

Re: Expedition Custom channels to Garmin GNX120

I think the GND10 was updated to support custom channels with FDX sometime after the NMEA 2000 support. It might be worth checking if the software on the GND10 is up to date.

NMEA 2000 with the Actisense NGT-1 is generally a better way to send them though.


9/24/2017 8:03 am  #3

Re: Expedition Custom channels to Garmin GNX120

I had the same issue, could never get the custom channels to work. I am using the Actisence NGt1 Usb to N2K and it works like a charm. Super simple to use, and works great. 

In the beginning we tried to  calibrate the Garmin system (without luck) so we used expedition as a source for calibrating everything. Now i have bitten the bulled and bought a H5000 hercules cpu. I still use the antisense to display custom values. We just found the TWA and TWD  not as good when sending from expedition - it was jumping slightly to much. I have to say that we are super happy with our current set up. Expedition, H5000 the Garmin Gnx120 displays works really well together.


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