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8/22/2017 9:32 pm  #1

Digital Yacht NMEA to WiFi

Has anyone any recent experience with Digital Yachts NMEA 0183 to Wifi product - WLN10HS?


I'm updating the nav package on a boat  - Pendragon IV in MDR - and I'm considering getting this product to interface between B&G Hydra 2000 NMEA source and Expedition running on a Windows 10 2 in 1 PC.  The intent is to provide more flexibility on where the laptop is located, I want to be able to take the laptop up on deck to discuss strategy, help with calibrations etc..   It should also give me the opportunity to test other ipad apps which consume NMEA data.

- Any issues with the wifi signal conflicting with another wifi router on the boats?
- Digital Yacht focusses mostly on AIS, but I believe this device can route any NMEA data.  Have you used it in this way?
- This article talks about reconfiguring the device to support a higher data rate for interfacing from B&G H3000.  My understanding is that this will not be necessary on H2000 - because it's too damn slow!

Any other tips before I spend the money.  (well, not my money!!)



8/22/2017 11:38 pm  #2

Re: Digital Yacht NMEA to WiFi

Hi Fergal,

Check out Yacht Devices N2k wifi gateway (http://www.yachtd.com/products/wifi_gateway.html) and Shipmodul Miniplex-3WI-N2K (http://www.shipmodul.com/en/index.html).

I use the Miniplex, which has worked fine so far. I need the multiplexer functions in the Miniplex, but if you have all the data on an N2K network the Yacht Devices gateway may be a simpler solution. Looks good on the tech spec anyway.



8/26/2017 3:15 pm  #3

Re: Digital Yacht NMEA to WiFi

I use the digital yacht iAIS that combines the nmea wifi gateway with an AIS receiver. It works fine, and I've configured the iAIS to join the boat's main wifi network. It passes all the usual NMEA 0183 sentences, including all the instrument data out of an H2000 Hercules (from an NMEA FFD). However I've also separate USB connections for both GPS data and HLink (via suitable converters) into the Hercules for resilience on the GPS front and much richer, faster B&G interfacing to Expedition. That said, I can use iRegatta or iSailor on an iPad straight off the Wifi without an issue. 


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