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8/13/2017 12:17 pm  #1

Improvements for Meteogram & a "Routing Meteogram"

A few suggestions to improve the Meteogram:

1) Currently the Meteogram doesn't show date and time when fully zoomed out. When zooming in the date appears in the top row and time in bottom row. Would be nice to have date and time also when zooming out.

2) Would be good to have an option to select / deselect certain parameters in the Meteogram. For example when downloading a grib file with a lot of information (wind, gust, mean sea level pressure, air temeprature, rain, cloud etc) it would be nice if for the Meteogram only wind and gust could be selected for a better overview. Additionally it would be nice to have more different line types (solid line, dashed line, dash-dot line,  etc., thin or thick) for the different parameters for a better overview. Maybe with a small legend on the side (dashed line = gust, solid line=wind etc.). Right now air temperature, mean sea level pressure and wind are all thin black lines...

3) When having several grib files activated at once and while being in ensemble weather display it would be nice to have all active gribs in the Meteogram (same colours as ensemble colours for better overview). That way a direct comparison of different weather models in one place is possible.

4) Right now the routing output is a table with a lot of numbers. It would be great to have the option to display these numbers as a line diagram. That way one could see in a second how TWA, TWS and TWD change during the route. When having two or more routings with different weather models this would be a very straight forward way to immediately see characteristic differences in the routes. Colouring of the line diagrams same as the route colours.
Right now I'm doing it by always importing the routing numbers to Excel and using them to create the diagrams there but a solution inside Expedition would be more than welcome!


8/13/2017 9:53 pm  #2

Re: Improvements for Meteogram & a "Routing Meteogram"


​Maybe mail me - I can't replicate #1.

​The meteogram is just a start. Eventually I will add ensemble data to it.

​You can change the colours - they are the same as the colours you have selected to draw each grib parameter in, so you can change them on the weather settings page


8/21/2017 12:20 pm  #3

Re: Improvements for Meteogram & a "Routing Meteogram"

Completely agree with the thrust of being able to compare and evaluate routings produced with different GRIBs.  It's a rare occasion to have multiple models produce similar routes, and the best I can imagine is the ability to see which model is closest to the actual fact on the water in real time.
Just IMHO.



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