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8/11/2017 11:09 pm  #1

H5000 race timer

Hey Nick.

At the moment triggering the race timer on exp also triggers the race timer in H5000

Is it possible to also work in reverse? Triggering the race timer from a Zeus display also triggering the exp race timer.

The reason for this is that we have two Zeus displays linked to a h5000 processor and the owner wants to use these for the start display (club racer) but we have garmin displays. So to display some data without garmin displays trying to re-process the data we have to run exp and pass the data through exp to the garmin displays. This includes the race timer function in an alternating display on prestart from exp.

They team doesn't want to run a tablet or ventus on deck for their races. So it's either the above idea or running a bunch of superstar buttons hard wired to a com port to start timer, kill timer and sync timer (not ideal)



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