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7/29/2017 1:02 pm  #1

How do I ... make a round race note please

Those nice people at RORC have set isles of scilly to port including bishop and all rocks and islets within 8nm of Peninis Pr Lt --- for a .little bash that is going on next weekend

We actually drive with a raymarine plotter so it is more of a learning exercise ... but can I make a round race note easily to deal with this 8nm circle ? And if so how please?

Look forward to the reply from the learned... many thanks Bruce


7/29/2017 1:32 pm  #2

Re: How do I ... make a round race note please

but maybe before I try to make circles I need to learn to read..... it is the rocks and islands stupid not the circle.... in my defence last Fastnet all of the Multihulls had to sail outside the S edge of the S TSS - something to do with keeping the Ultimes and MOD's from carving up the monohull fleet . Not that it was an issue for us in our 12 m cat just made us have to sail further than others!

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