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7/23/2017 9:36 am  #1

Favourite batch of gribs

I can't be the only one who has a regular set of gribs for their home waters. My day always starts by downloading the same batch of files, for the same areas via exp. One has tides, one is super hi res, but short duration and wind only, whilst others are lower res but with more variables and then there are the alternative models at even lower res. I s'pose I ought to see if I can get great circle to email them to me - but importing those might be as long as repeatedly dragging over the same bit of chart and ticking the right boxes... What would be nice is a parameterisable set of downloads, that would either auto download (so you could always have the latest model run) or do so at the push of a button. 


7/24/2017 1:52 am  #2

Re: Favourite batch of gribs

I'd second this one! I have 2 use cases:

1) Home waters/Base planning, where:
- bandwith is less constrained
- area of interest is the same
- 'I'm regularly reviewing a wide variety of the same data sources'

2) Offshore navigation, where:
- bandwidth (eg: via satphone) is at a premium (optimize only the minimum data you need)
- area of interest variable (depending on position)
- 'I have to be highly selective, picking up only what's most relevant at the time its available'

Hence, a batch mode (as outlined by TomH), that also:

1) Optionally allows me to fix the area for each batch (or use a one-off selection, as at present)
2) Optionally allows me to set availability times for each time within the batch, only downloading after updates (or force a download anyway, as at present)

This would allow me to:

1) Have a 'comprehensive' batch - that enables home waters racing & planning
2) Have a stripped down 'offshore' batch - that I can hit whenever I'm in signal range, or at various points in the day, knowing that won't have messed the settings up & will be keeping bandwidth use to a minimum


7/24/2017 2:43 am  #3

Re: Favourite batch of gribs

It is on the list of things to do, but am in the middle of a multi-month Exp project at present.


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