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7/04/2017 8:03 am  #1

SQUID Weather

I am trying out the SQUID basic European high res. subscription. Two questions. SQUID says its supports importing exclusion zones from Expedition. I don't see an export function for notes which is the only way I know to put exclusion areas into Expedition. SQUID doesn't seem to recognise the NOTES.DAT file. Secondly I have tried exporting weather GRIB data from SQUID. I see the weather models showing wind etc in Meteogram's in SQUID. When I open the file in Expedition - Weather / Settings / SQUID - I can see wave data e.g. swell; wave height; wind wave direction BUT no wind. Has anybody else used SQUID with Expedition and can you throw any light on these issues.


7/04/2017 5:19 pm  #2

Re: SQUID Weather

I don't know about the race notes, but would be surprised.

If you right click on the grib area and select the meteogram table, that will show you al the variables loaded.

​You can also download the grib data directly from GC into Exp.


7/06/2017 3:57 am  #3

Re: SQUID Weather

SQUID does include exclusion zone but the format must be GPX or CL10 files.



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