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5/30/2017 8:04 am  #1

Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

I subscribe to Predictwind Professional version which is supposed to give me both weather and tidal information for optimised routing in Expedition.  However, I'm not convinced that the tidal information is being taken into account when calculating optimal routing, so I'm looking for advice on how to ensure I am setup correctly otherwise it is unusable for the purpose of racing.

Hoping someone can help me!



5/30/2017 11:43 am  #2

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

​Exp can't get tide information from PredictWind. I think they repackage Tidetech data.

I don't know how their system works, but you might be able to download it manually and then download into Exp.


5/30/2017 8:20 pm  #3

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

There are a couple of tricks to this.
If you download your weather via Expedition interface, you will have to select PW first, do a PW download, then select TT second (Nick is right, PW onsell TT), do a second download, and away you go.
If you download your weather via PWs Offshore App, you have to tick the Oceans and Tidal Currents checkbox.  Then copy files from Downloads to Expedition weather folder.
In either case, the way to check is to run a route and then look at the detailed table.  If Set/Drift show in that table, then it has been taken into account.
Finally, another trick for young players.  There is a time difference between PW and TT product release.  If you download both via Offshore App at the same time, when you copy across the daystamped weather folders, the correct TT file may be daystamped the day before the PW file.  So check you have both in Expedition before you run a route.
BTW, I like subscribing to TT separately because of their visual interface.  Check it out.


5/30/2017 10:37 pm  #4

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

You can also get RTOFS currents from Saildocs (in addition to GFS etc).


6/21/2017 6:11 am  #5

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

I'm trying to use Predict Wind hi res downloads and have not yet had success.  PW support says that Exp can select the hi res option for PW downloads, but I only see 0.5 res option in Exp dropdown.  What am I missing?  Would appreciate some tips from those who have succeeded before me!!.

Thx, pjl


6/21/2017 11:36 am  #6

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

HI pjl,

You are probably using the "PredictWind" button in the weather tab, but try:

Settings; Display; tick "Predictwind areas" in "other" 

Richt click on the preferred area on the chart (outlined green) -pick a small one-  and click PredictWind in the menu, now you can select the HiRes model you want.

Does this do the trick?



6/21/2017 1:25 pm  #7

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

Yes, the higher resolution data is only available form the right-click option.


6/22/2017 11:33 am  #8

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

Wonderful help Boj and Nick.  Works like a champ.  The files are obviously larger, so there is always the connectivity issue, but seems like a must have tool if the dockside buzz about the quality of the PW data is any guide.  Anything u guys can say on this subject? http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/cute.png


6/22/2017 11:35 am  #9

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

Another comment.  The 3x larger file from PW downloads in a fraction of the time required by the NOAA GFS.  Is this something that can be relied on?  Seems like a nice advantage in marginal access conditions.



6/22/2017 11:46 am  #10

Re: Enabling PredictWind Weather & Tidal GRIBS

Don't use the NOAA interface for GFS - it is a very slow service.

Use Saildocs. It is the best provider of GFS, RTOFS etc data out there.

​For the US, often the best data is from the NAM model. You can get this from NOAA or Great Circle for example.

​Also look at the Glerl data in MyGrib. The winds weren't very good when I last sailed in the lakes, but it was the only source of current information I found.


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