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5/18/2017 7:20 am  #1

Help With ENC Clutter

I am just getting upto speed with Expedition and am looking for some help with getting all the switches set correctly.

The issue I am having is the ENC charts are full of clutter and the ATONs are huge.  Any suggestions as to setup would be much appreciated.  

I would prefer to use the ENC but all the clutter is actually covering up some pretty important stuff, like the Golden Gate and the Farallones! 



5/18/2017 7:22 am  #2

Re: Help With ENC Clutter

Sorry the forum required I have a post before embedding images so here are the images:



ENC Settings:


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5/18/2017 12:27 pm  #3

Re: Help With ENC Clutter

I can't think what would do that.

Which version of Exp? What sort of graphics processor?

Windows' scaling is handled correctly in Exp, but what is Windows' scaling set to?

You could try the Expedition System restore app, but I doubt that will help.


5/19/2017 4:59 am  #4

Re: Help With ENC Clutter


 I am running on a Mac under parallels.  Scaling is set to %250.


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5/19/2017 12:39 pm  #5

Re: Help With ENC Clutter

It might be worth trying a different scaling


5/30/2017 12:01 pm  #6

Re: Help With ENC Clutter

I am afraid I cannot be of much help other than to add that we are also running Expedition on a Mac using Parallels and have the same exact issue with clutter on ENC charts. I am hoping you find a solution so that we may benefit from it as well.


5/30/2017 2:55 pm  #7

Re: Help With ENC Clutter


Maybe it is a problem only on Parallels and/or Macs as I can't replicate it here.

As background, Exp queries the pixels per inch to decide how large to draw the symbols. The symbol sizes are specified in mm.

I wonder if the DPI being returned to Exp are wrong in this case.

Unfortunately, I don't have an Apple to test on.

If you mail me, we could make a custom build that will give us some information about this.


5/31/2017 10:59 am  #8

Re: Help With ENC Clutter

I've run exp using CMap ENCs and a variety of RNCs using VMWare on a Mac without a problem. To my surprise the serial comms, including HLink even worked. If someone points me to a place where I can download a free S-57 ENC I'm happy to try it. 


5/31/2017 1:53 pm  #9

Re: Help With ENC Clutter


6/01/2017 11:17 am  #10

Re: Help With ENC Clutter

Doh, so that would be the link in the ENC management dialog. Oops. 

I've had a little play and my results are below. I installed the San Fran charts on both my Windows hardware (Tosh Portage Z830) and my Mac (MacBookAir 13", Early 2014 model) running VMWare, using the default Exp S-57 ENC settings. Both environments are on Win10 with current patches. Essentially the results are the same: at some zoom levels the symbols do generate a lot of clutter but as you zoom in the problem is less of an issue. 

As you zoom out some nav marks are not displayed, but those that are use the same size symbol at all zoom levels. For a vector chart this seems sensible to me, although some of these symbols are a bit big... The images above seem bigger, which might be a parrallels issue.

Windows hardware

VMWare on a MacBookAir at the same zoom:

VMWare but zoomed in (appears the same on the Windows Hardware):



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