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4/20/2017 8:36 am  #1

Log Player

When replaying a race from the log files, it would be nice if the starting line marks also were saved and played back.  This way you could review your actual start line performance after a regatta with multiple races.   When we setup another race, the previous mark positions are lost.  

Any suggestions?


4/21/2017 12:35 am  #2

Re: Log Player

Zac, you probably could by saving and renaming such marks after the race or moving them to another marks folder before you re-ping another line.  Then when you reload the track afterwards you could bring the relevant marks back in.
But I think you are implying a degree of precision in pinging, timekeeping and GPS that might be hard to manage in practice, and to what benefit?  You could achieve the same result with a pencil log ("the second start was slow and we got jammed out") and a careful crew toolbox talk afterwards.
At least that's how I see it.


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