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4/16/2017 2:54 pm  #1

Raymarine Wireless-to-PC

I am trying to establish the method by which I can connect a Raymarine Wireless (formerly Tacktick) T-122 Interface to my laptop in order to get the NMEA sentences delivered by the Tacktick processed by Expedition into righteous racing data. The T-122 has a NMEA Out terminal with one each + and - screw and my laptop has the usual usb and DB9 serial ports.

Tacktick materials allege that the T-122 will deliver data to a PC after it is "plugged in" and the Expedition Help file provides information concerning interfacing with the T-122 but I have not been able to develop any information concerning the proper hardware to make the connection or the schematic of the electrical connections that should be made.  

I have reviewed the ad copy for the Digital Yacht USB-to-NMEA Adaptor which seems as if it might fit the bill to make the connection but its drivers are claimed to be compatible with Windows systems up to / including 7 but no mention is made of Windows 10. Also, I am concerned about issues with the data being RS232 vs RS422,  

Anyone on here with any applicable experience / insight. Thanks.


4/16/2017 3:09 pm  #2

Re: Raymarine Wireless-to-PC


4/16/2017 3:20 pm  #3

Re: Raymarine Wireless-to-PC

Thanks Nick,

You nailed it. For some reason every T-122 manual that I was able to download did not have the connection schematic that was included in your link. It answered my every question and provided what I needed to make the simple connections through a DB9 plug.

Thanks big time. This could get me a ride at Antigua Sailing Week if I can convince the boat that I am rudimentarily proficient.       

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