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3/01/2017 4:37 pm  #1

Disabling Windows 10 reboots and updates?

I know this is kind of beyond the purview of Expedition, but I'm curious if anyone else has found a way to get Windows to stop downloading and applying updates when you're offshore?

It appears that as soon as I connect to a metered connection, like the Fleet Broadband unit, Windows phones home and tries to check for updates and download them.  That's a bit too expensive a way to update the system for my taste.

Anyone sorted this out?



3/01/2017 7:34 pm  #2

Re: Disabling Windows 10 reboots and updates?

Seems in the "known networks" you can set the wireless network to a "metered connection" and this stops Win 10 from phoning home whenever you're connected to that network.  It also prevents the spurious reboots when windows wants to install something.

Hope this helps some other folks as well.

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3/02/2017 2:11 am  #3

Re: Disabling Windows 10 reboots and updates?

That is a good idea.

​The Redport Analyzer is also useful for this.

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3/02/2017 4:36 am  #4


3/02/2017 2:21 pm  #5

Re: Disabling Windows 10 reboots and updates?

Great find Zee, the answer to a real problem.  I've been plugging ship's computer into ethernet/cable internet at home and (hopefully) catching all such updates on each morning before a race  ....... and a couple of weeks back inherited a jittery mouse (unusable laptop) as a result of an MS update.  Sweaty times going back to the previous build in a hurry.


3/02/2017 2:28 pm  #6

Re: Disabling Windows 10 reboots and updates?

I had a similar issue, as we have a fleet broadband system on the boat, and when I was connected, Windows tried to download an update.  The only reason I caught it was I saw the link on the switch go nuts.  Had I not shut down the link it would have been really expensive!  I'm really surprised the metered connection setting is not better publicized. 

Not even MS Support knew about it when I called and asked them how I could shut down all the back and forth chatter when I am connected via satellite. 

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3/02/2017 10:35 pm  #7

Re: Disabling Windows 10 reboots and updates?

I actually noticed the 'metered network" setting is more refined now in latest W10 releases.
For each individual 'know wifi connection you can now define if it is metered or not.   So now you can having the updates flow in automaticall when you are at home, while the same laptop will not autmatically upate when you are at the boat connected via (sat)phone.

To set the metered setting go to:
- Windows Settings - Network and internet
- Choose Wifi
- Choose "manage know networks"
- Choose the network go to 'properties'.   Now you can change the metered setting.



3/08/2017 9:45 pm  #8

Re: Disabling Windows 10 reboots and updates?

if you are running windows 10 pro you can also do it with the group policy editor or registry settings.


Whichever way you chose you should strongly consider doing it for windows 10 systems.   Just this morning a Microsoft auto push patch cluster corrupted bitlocker's recovery keys rendering the Surfacebook I use for shoreside planning (and work stuff) unbootable.   This will require a complete wipe & reinstall to fix.   I had already disabled update for the onboard systems & left the surfacebook free range as a test.   Now I know.   If they can't even get it right on their own hardware the odds aren't good for everything else.


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