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1/05/2017 7:23 pm  #1

Digital charts for Canada

I need to acquire either RNC or ENC charts for Canada.  Unlike the US, they are behind a paywall so not practical to try before buy.  A small subset of the charts in the Digital pack ATL06 are needed.  I'm getting conflicting info re: these being RNC, ENC, ability to purchase individual charts, etc.

Hoping an Expedition used has been through this and is willing to advise.



1/06/2017 11:08 am  #2

Re: Digital charts for Canada

I haven't used the service, but have heard the BSB charts are encrypted BSB v4 (which Exp should be able to use) and that the ENCs are S-57 charts, which Exp can use.

Exp can't yet use S-63 encrypted ENCs.


1/10/2017 9:00 pm  #3

Re: Digital charts for Canada

I believe I have CHS RNC versus ENC sorted.  Of the two, I'd go the RNC route,  ENC is too expensive.  Downside is that single CHS license is only good for two PCs.  We desire three.

Then there is the CMAP vector option.  Web info is incomprehensible, so I called.  I was told to ignore NT+, MAX is an option, and was urged to go the 4D route.  All allow install to 3 PCs.

I got a very unclear discussion of MAX DVD/dongle which I need to go back and re-ask tomorrow.  2 installs allowed from the DVD, one movable via a dongle.  Seems odd, but gets us to three.

Unlike the MAX DVD distribution, 4D is web based. The special Exp 4D build and its list of warnings give me pause.  I was urged to select what was described as the reduced grade of 4D which is MAX equivalent. I believe its called 4DMAX (with full 4D capabilities being called 4D MAX+    http://lightmarine.c-map.com/marine-navigation/charts-pc-software/c-map-4d-pc-navigation).  Could this be any more complicated?

Nick, can you please confirm your 4D build is intended for 4DMAX, 4DMAX+, neither, or both?  Will 4DMAX run on your v10.5.7 build?  I want to stay out of the dark corners.

Appreciate any guidance available here before I call CMAP back tomorrow.  Thank you much.

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1/10/2017 9:47 pm  #4

Re: Digital charts for Canada

I like RNCs too, mostly because they look like paper charts. I find them easier to use.

​MAX (and the even older NT+) on CD is old and while they still produce the charts, the technology is obsolete and I think it will end up being a dead end for C-Map. You can only use the charts on the computer with the dongle.

​The 4D is probably what C-Map sees as their future. You purchase and install these in the Exp interface, but you need to install C-Map maps manager first.

The two options the web interface gives are 4D MAX and 4D MAX+. Both are supported by Exp. The charts are downloaded form the web.

​The 4D MAX+ adds raster charts, 3D and satellite images. Obviously it costs more and the downloads are a lot larger.

​As far as the hardware compatibility is concerned, we had some issues with GeForce GPUs in the early days. I tend to stick with the Intel GPUs now. If you can run Exp4D ok before installing any charts, all should be ok. Just install Exp 4D, the maps manager and try it.

As background, the old C-Map MAX doesn't use the GPU, C-Map 4D rendering is done by C-Map with OpenGL and Exp uses DirectX (the Microsoft/Windows standard). A lot of computers are supplied with only a basic OpenGL implementation, which is why I recommend installing the OpenGL drivers relevant for your computer.


1/16/2017 9:39 pm  #5

Re: Digital charts for Canada

Thanks Nick

I just purchased a CHS catalogue for the Nova Scotia/Fundy area.

Anyone able to share what's working in that area for GRIB-ed current data?


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3/13/2017 1:43 pm  #6

Re: Digital charts for Canada

Hi Nic
I finally purchased CHS raster access and will attempt to load and run with Exp this evening.
Question.  I had loaded 10.5.14 4D to test the operation of the graphics hw.  Now that I am going the CHS raster route, is it recommended that I instead load 10.5.14?  Thanks

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3/13/2017 8:08 pm  #7

Re: Digital charts for Canada

It doesn't matter. The non-C-Map part is the same for both.


3/14/2017 12:04 am  #8

Re: Digital charts for Canada

Going back to the c-map old NT+ and Max discussion. Is there a way of running the old c-map and new 4D in the same version of Expedition. I have installed expedition 4D on boats laptop and it runs fine but I cant get it to display the old c-map charts but they run fine in the non 4D version of expedition and also Adrena free.


3/31/2017 10:20 am  #9

Re: Digital charts for Canada

Quick note to confirm that all is well with CHS raster on Exp 10.5.16.  No more CDs, now all done online.  You purchase the product from one of CHS' various dealers, they send you an access code.  You then create an account with CHS and with the access code generate a security key for each specific install of the cartography.

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3/31/2017 10:35 am  #10

Re: Digital charts for Canada

Thanks for that WG.

​KeithW - sorry, I didn't see that message. The two systems are completely independent unfortunately. The MAX is a legacy product for C-Map and I don't think they are willing to put much effort into it anyway.


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