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2/11/2016 8:29 pm  #1

Iridium Go

Hi​Has anyone used Iridium Go before with Expedition?
Specifically how do you connect the laptop to the web with it so that you can use expeditions built in features like YBTracking downloads, and GRIB Downloads. All the documentation refers to connecting via wifi using Android or iOS and using the Iridium GO App. Nothing about connecting via windows. CheersRoss 


2/16/2016 7:39 am  #2

Re: Iridium Go

Despite the promises of its marketing at launch, the Iridium Go does not allow for network connections from all devices. Internet access over the Iridium Go requires use of an approved app, and Expedition is not one of them. Additionally, getting approval to develop an approved app is a process in and of itself.

That said, we use OCENS (which is an approved app) to pull our YB tracking data, by using the "links" site associated with each race. For gribs, we tend to use the PredictWind application, and then move those grib files over to Expedition, but through OCENS we do have access to a full range of websites. Be careful about the sites you browse, as a large site can easily overwhelm the connection. Keep a short list of your sites available, that link directly to the gribs you want.

Depending on what data you are looking for from YB, it is also worth spending some time getting familiar with their API. You can pull a lot of data about specific boats, without needing to pull the entire race schedule. On bigger races, that can become valuable.

When all else fails, you can also configure remailers to pull specific gribs on a schedule, and then email them to you. Those can then be imported into Expedition from the mail client.



5/23/2016 6:18 pm  #3

Re: Iridium Go

"For gribs, we tend to use the PredictWind application, and then move those grib files over to Expedition" 

What steps do you take to prep the files to be used in Expedition? Are they saved as grib files in a different location?



5/23/2016 7:30 pm  #4

Re: Iridium Go

If you have XGate, you can download gribs over IridiumGo from Exp.


5/23/2016 8:04 pm  #5

Re: Iridium Go

Thanks for the info Nick,
I had not realized that there was an internet option in the settings, (just got the new version running) Is there a hidden manual / help file for this bit?


5/23/2016 9:09 pm  #6

Re: Iridium Go

There is a section on Internet settings in the help.
 ​The default option is your network. Others are XGate and a range of GMN Optimizer options.


5/23/2016 11:02 pm  #7

Re: Iridium Go

I use a thuraya satsleeve II with my iphone .. It is a relatively cheap and fast solution. You do need to connect to the iphone hotspot..

alas no US coverage .. but great for Europe to Oceania


5/24/2016 6:07 am  #8

Re: Iridium Go

One last question from the complete noob, (for the time being anyhow)  would you recommend this irridium package 
or will i need an additional optimizer?


Thanks for all your help!


5/24/2016 12:55 pm  #9

Re: Iridium Go

I can't recommend anything, but the GMN guys know what they are doing.


5/24/2016 3:32 pm  #10

Re: Iridium Go

didn't mean to put you in that position,  
I know you cant technically tell me what to buy, i meant it in more of a is this the right type of gear to pull the gribs.  I will contact GMN as well

thanks again for your help!  

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